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CONAKRY FISHING CLUB proposes you some sports fishing trip in the day  or harpoon fishing , you can too stay in American plan in our villa on the island of roume.

2 formulae: in traditional dugout or by boat, both skipped by our skippers endowed with a big knowledge of the spots of fishing . You can also contact us for daily travels  on islands to pass simply a good time in family in the villa for a lunch relaxation or a weekend at the edge of the plage.

come  to enjoy fishing in Guinea Conakry. The sensations are guaranteed.

CONAKRYFISHINGCLUB  our boat: open of 7.50 m motorized 85cv yamaha offer all the comfort and the safety  to come in family, discover the pleasure of the wealth of Guinean waters. Come to confront with barracudas jack fish and other present African predators in waters in some km only of marina of PETIT BATEAU 

The offshore fishing on the open sea, with spinning rod, show here all value .the fishermen in fresh water , the fishermen of seabass from in board fishing or by boat, can adapt the various techniques of fishing . casting , spinning , jigging  bait-casting trolling etc .., everything sort of fishing  can create a lot  of surprises.

The exotic fishing shows many similarities with the deep-sea fishing,  practised in the various places of the planet traveled by our friends in search of journeys of big-game fishing.

The regular customers of the Guinea, come and return year by year to fight with  fishes which live in waters of the archipelago.

Some prefers the trolling, others the surfcasting, the most numerous are unquestionably the followers of lure casting and jigging . More To be a center of sport fishing, the conakryfishingclub, is  a place of relaxation, ideally situated, on a small island 20 mn by of boat from Conakry, island or reign the tranquillity, and or both beach allow to devote to other leisure activities that fishing for those who want to reconcile sport fishing and relaxation. We envisage in the future to develop various variants as: fishing in kayak, river fishing in itinerant.

Guinea is a vast country which allows a great deal of tourist possibilities. Our company is also partner of various structures which allow

Enthusiasts of fishing, with more than 15 years of experience to canvass every spot and to teach our skippers the modern technics of sport fishing in Guinea Conakry, we decided to develop a common passion, searching of the most beautiful fishes, so common in waters of the Atlantic Ocean in western Africa.
Today recognized and recorded as professional fishing center , we have only an objective, make discover you the wealth of Guinean waters.

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